Skypass Invoice API

Authorization and authentication

OAuth 2.0 and OpenId Connect is used for authorization and authentication, through the client credentials grant.

Obtain credential by asking the Skypass team.


  • client_id

  • client_secret

Obtain an access token...

Use the access token...


Two endpoints are used:

  • [get] getUploadUrl (secured)

  • [post] (uploadUrl)

    • Body: ​Commercial invoice

Further description...

Commercial invoice format

The payload represents a commercial invoice.
Two formats are currently supported:

  • JSON

  • XML (based on nShift/Unifaun shipments format)

JSON Format

See JSON-Schema

  • Visual

  • Raw

XML Format

The XML format is based on the nShift/Unifaun shipments integration format.

The data fields in the format that is essencial for Skypass integration is pointed out here.

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