Advance the returns procedure for your business.

Skypass is a digital platform with the sole purpose of making e-commerce returns more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Make smarter decisions for your returns


Save money on customs

Don't pay more than necessary in customs duties.
Our platform ensures that your company gets customs refunds on all returned goods from Norway.

Become aware of your potential

The Skypass platform analyzes your return patterns, showing how specific returned goods affect your costs and emissions. 

Create a lean return stream

Every return is different, and your logistics strategy should not treat them all the same. Skypass optimizes your return stream based on the costs and emissions for every return. By dynamically directing each return order, Skypass gives you the optimal combination of export, local storage, or recycling. 

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Explore how much you can save annually.

Find out how our platform can reduce costs in your reverse logistics prosess.




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